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Royal Oak

Adding the needs you didn’t have room for on your main level.

Royal Oak is quickly becoming our most popular area! We specialize in both new build basements and remodels. Whether you’re looking to finish the last level of your new build or create a more functional space in the lower level of a bungalow we are here to help. We will start with a custom design for your space based on the goals you have for it.

Worried about the permit and inspection process? There’s no need to be. In addition to supervising and coordinating the project we also meet all requirements set forth by the city. That includes passing all nine inspections for your project.

We pride ourselves on top quality work. All of our crews specialize in the areas they work in to avoid a handyman finish. You are guaranteed the highest level service and finish when you hire Clarks!

Services extend to Berkley & Birmingham

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