Rivendell, Pinckeney

Pinckeney michigan custom kitchen renovation

Playful Traditional

Who said a traditional style can’t be fun? This kitchen style took a traditional approach that makes a statement by getting creative with both the use of color and millwork detail.  It’s clear that the client loves a traditional vibe, by the style of cabinetry they chose and the use of the detailed stacked moldings above the wall cabinetry.  While not steering too far from their comfort zone and staying within a style’s parameters, the client chose to mix the finishes of the cabinetry and stacked moldings. The majority of the kitchen cabinetry is a crisp, timeless white, butt here are a few areas where we used dark wood stained cabinetry. These areas are intentional focal points in the kitchen.

The farmhouse apron sink is naturally on display,  but choosing to house the show piece in a dark contrasting stain colored cabinet makes it the kitchen’s centerpiece. In addition to using a different cabinet color, the client also chose to add some intricate grecian millwork columns on the cabinet face that complement the unique vessel above.  Below the cooktop, the dark cabinetry is utilized once more, but instead of delicate millwork, it chamfers out a few inches beyond the rest of its adjacent cabinetry to be on display as well.  The dark stained millwork is repeated on the creatively stacked molding above the wall cabinetry and the valance above the window to create a beautiful contrast and traditional, yet fun finish to this spirited kitchen!